CM Relief Fund: 48 lakhs fund for the victims of Nashik district, ‘These’ are the beneficiary criteria

CM Relief Fund : In the state Nashik Some districts including Nashik district have been decided to provide assistance for crop damage during the period of June to August and September, 2022. 25 lakh 49 thousand for losses, 23 lakhs for losses in August September 2022, total funds of 48 lakh 49 thousand have been distributed for the district for the period June to September.

In June and July, 2022  During this period, due to flood conditions caused by heavy rains, crops and property have been damaged in some districts of the state including Nashik. Funds have been disbursed at the rate of State Disaster Response Fund for property damage due to extreme weather conditions during June and July, 2022. Thereafter, for property damage occurring during the period from June to October, 2022  it is necessary to provide assistance at the increased rate as the increased rate of assistance prescribed by the Government vide August 11, 2021. 

Also from August to As per the proposals received from the concerned divisional commissioners for the property damage during the period of September, 2022, the matter of distributing the funds to provide assistance for the property damage during the period August to September, 2022 was under the consideration of the government. 07 crores 24 lakhs 66 thousand as per this government decision for distribution of aid for dead animals, aid for damages like completely destroyed, partially collapsed paddy, concrete houses, huts, cowsheds and other permissible items to the affected persons at increased rate. The government has approved to distribute a total fund of Rs 27 crore 93 lakh 84 thousand for property damage during the period of August to September, 2022 to various heavy rain affected districts of the state through the Divisional Commissioner. 

Fund of 48 Lakhs for Nashik District 
25 Lakh 49 thousand for Nashik District for losses in June, July 2022,  23 Lakhs for losses in August September 2022 Total for the period June to September 48 lakh 49 thousand funds have been distributed. This sanctioned fund mainly covers the houses which have collapsed or the eligible houses which have damaged goods in shops. The purpose for which the funds have been sanctioned. For the same purpose, instructions have been given as per this government decision that all the terms and conditions of the issued government decision should be followed in this regard to spend the said funds. The administration is in the process of submitting a panchnama to the government for the damage caused to the crops due to the current heavy rain. 

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