CM Eknath Shinde : Should only one who comes with a golden spoon become the Chief Minister? Criticism of Chief Minister Shinde

CM Eknath Shinde : Gulabrao Patil (Gulabrao Patil) is always known as pantapariwala. It is wrong to criticize someone. Someone comes from nothing and innovates. I am a farmer’s son, today I became the chief minister, but this does not work for the opposition. But people have accepted us. Keep this in mind. Should the Chief Minister be the one who brought the golden spoon? Asking Chief Minister Eknath Shinde(CM Eknath Shinde)  Today in Jalgaon (Jalgaon) criticized Udhhav Thackeray (Udhhav Thackeray) along with NCP.

State Chief Minister Eknath Shinde on Jalgaon visit And today a public meeting was held at Muktainagar. In this meeting, Eknath Shinde attacked Uddhav Thackeray and the Nationalist Party. In this, Eknath Shinde is Maharashtra came to Jalgaon district for the first time after becoming the Chief Minister of the state. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde held a meeting in the sports complex ground in Muktainagar city. At this time he said that when we were in Shiv Sena, we were repeatedly telling Uddhav Thackeray that we were ending the NCP. At that time Gulabrao Patil was also saying, tell them NCP is killing us. I myself told him five times to correct the mistake of going with NCP but he did not listen. He further said that we put Balasaheb Thackeray and Modi’s photo and won the election. We did right by leaving Shiv Sena. But how to wake up the pretender to sleep? We corrected the mistake, so who is the traitor? He asked this question to Uddhav Thackeray. The work of MLA MP was not done, now it was done in two months. The opposition party is now scared and Eknath Shinde Ganpati Mandal is moving, going door to door. So they are moving. Now they should give half the merit to me. Some say to have two Chief Ministers. However, Chief Minister Ajit Pawar mocked that he was saying this because he had previous experience. />Gulabrao Patla has a presence in Jalgaon. However, Gulabrao Patal is ignored. No one should do the work of cheating. I myself am a farmer’s son, but it doesn’t work after becoming Chief Minister. Should the Chief Minister be the one who brought the golden spoon? He asked the audience. People applauded when Shahji Bapu came on stage. The Chief Minister recited Shahji Bapu’s famous dialogue. In two years we will do so much work that no one will be left even for medicine. Will only cow urine sprinklings be so stoned? This time, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde made such a move. 

The number will reach 200 
This time, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde severely criticized the NCP. He said, we want to tell the people of NCP, we are not working by looking at elections. Gulabrao Patil has approved 22 thousand water supply schemes. Shiv Sena is carrying forward the ideas of Balasaheb Thackeray. I went to Hyderabad, at that time the citizens were taking pictures with us. Due to the crowd, it was difficult for the police to cover. Today we are 170. Now we only need to increase the number of 30, so we should not be surprised if we go beyond 200, the Chief Minister said that this is proved from the Gram Panchayat elections. 

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