Children asked what do you like in sweets? Fadnavis said, ‘First of all, I don’t like Puranpoli…’ and there was only one laugh

Devendra Fadnavis: Deputy Chief Minister of the state Devendra Fadnavis (Devendra Fadnavis) Devendra ji in a meeting before marriage 35 Devendra Fadnavis clearly stated that he does not like Puranpoli in ABP Mazha’s Mahakatta program. At that time he also said that I like shira, I like modak, I like Bengali sweets, give them but don’t give puranpoli. Now again the story of Devendra Fadnavis and Puranpoli has come up in ABP Maja’s children’s day programme.

Children chat with Fadnavis at ABP Mazha’s Children’s Day special. At this time, a little girl asked, ‘What do you like the most in sweets?’ This question was asked to Fadnavis. Talking about it, he said, ‘I am the first to say that I don’t like Puranpoli, because of one answer of my wife, many people have understood that I like Puranpoli. Therefore, wherever I go, people give me Puranpoli,’ said Devendra Fadnavis and the children present couldn’t stop laughing.

Children’s Day Special
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This program will be available on ABP Mazha today, 13th November  at 5 PM. In this program, children have asked Devendra Fadnavis questions on various topics. Fadnavis has also given hearty answers to it. 
Puranpoli and Fadnavis… what exactly is the anecdote…

A few days ago on Zee Marathi channel Kitchen Kallakar (Kitchen Kallakar) show Amrita Fadnavis how many Puranpoli can Devendra ji eat? Such a question was asked. On this question, Amrita Fadnavis replied that before marriage, they used to eat 30 to 35 puranpolyas easily with ghee.  After that there was a lot of discussion on social media. After that, Devendra Fadnavis explained this in front of Amrita Fadnavis in the Mahakatta program of ABP Mazha.  Disgruntled Devendra Fadnavis said at this time that wherever I go, people are giving me food. Speaking on this, Amrita Fadnavis had said that, “We have never had a fight in our lives. But now everywhere people give them Puranpoli, then they come home and get angry with me. So I have to explain that Devendra has a childhood friend. He had told me before the wedding that in a competition, Devendra ate 30 to 35 pods in a row and won. But Amrita Fadnavis later said that after the marriage, he did not even lower half of his poonpoli in front of me. After this, Devendra Fadnavis had said that on ABP Maja, I request all the viewers that I don’t like Puranpoli. I love Shira, I love Modak, I love Bengali Sweets, give them but not Puranpoli. 

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