Chhagan Bhujbal: ‘There is no early bail in the ED Act, but if there is any way, we wish you luck,’ Bhujbal said.

Chhagan Bhujbal: Former minister Chhagan Bhujbal has expressed his reaction to the ED action of MP Sanjay Raut. Chhagan Bhujbal said that, ‘There is no early bail under the ED Act.. But if there is any way, we wish him luck, he has advised MP Sanjay Raut this time. 

Shivsena MP Sanjay Raut (Sanjay Raut) has not got any relief from the court. His custody has been extended for another four days. Sanjay Raut was remanded till August 8. As a result, Raut’s stay in custody has increased. Sanjay Raut was arrested by the ED on July 31 in connection with the mail scam. Today, Nashik Bhujbal spoke to the media. He was speaking at that time. 

On the decision of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde (CM Eknath Shinde) about the ward structure, Bhujbal said that Eknath Shinde was in Mahavikas Aghadi, but now we can tell why the ward structure has changed. No. There are interested candidates in the ward, for that, as they are preparing for the election, if the ward changes, it becomes a problem. So on the Governor’s visit he said, We requested the Governor to help the flood victims, farmers.. OBC reservation is not applicable in 92 Municipalities, 4 Nagar Panchayats.. In Banthia Commission the number of OBCs is being shown less, also there are many errors in the report, you should pay attention to that. Bhujbal said that we have made such a demand to the governor. 

On the expansion of the cabinet, he said…. 
Then former minister Bhujbal said on the expansion of the cabinet that on the 5th It is not known whether the cabinet will be expanded. The complications of many petitions are going on in the Supreme Court and it has to be seen how it gets resolved. On Sanjay Raut’s ED action, he said that there is no early bail in the ED Act. So the Chief Minister of the state stays up till 2 in the night, travels.. We also have a body, it has its limits. You have to take a little pause. There are only two ministers. 

Why is Sharad Pawar silent on Sanjay Raut?
Why is Sharad Pawar silent on private Sanjay Raut? When asked such a question, Bhujbal said, there is no such thing. Even in the Lok Sabha, the NCP is talking about the activities of the ED, Supriya is talking. Many opposition parties have said that this law is monstrous. Bhujbal said that this law was made by Chidambaram during the UPA Congress.

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