Chhagan Bhujbal: Ten years of enmity between Tekchandani and me, allegation of threats is false: Chhagan Bhujbal

Chhagan Bhujbal : Lalit Tekchandani has done many cases in our name before. Some cases have been solved, some are still facing. Bhujbal has alleged that Tekchandani and me have been enmity for the past ten years and that they have hatched a conspiracy to tarnish their name. Moreover, Tekchandani’s number has been deleted many years ago. So we have no contact. Therefore, Chhagan Bhujbal has expressed the opinion that the allegations made by Tekchandani are baseless." 9C%E0%A4%AC%E0%A4%B3">Chhagan Bhujbal‘s statement regarding Saraswati is getting a strong reaction and agitation is being started by BJP. Yesterday, a businessman from Chembur filed a case against Chhagan Bhujbal and two others. Politics has been ignited by it. The name of this businessman is Lalit Shyam Tekchandani. Tekchandani has alleged that Chhagan Bhujbal threatened to kill him. In this background, Chhagan Bhujbal held a press conference and denied all the allegations. 

Chhagan Bhujbal said at this time, Tekchandani has filed various cases against us from 1995 to 2014 and then to 2019. Some of these cases have been solved while some cases are still ongoing. But since then, the name and address of this Tekchandani was left. The number was deleted. So there is no reason to contact them. For the past few days, the messages are continuously coming through WhatsApp. So many people are talking even after calling. Meanwhile, since the Saraswati case came up, many messages started coming. It was understood that some unknown person was sending messages continuously. So who is this guy? Why does this keep bothering me? Was thinking about this. But it kept coming. Finally told the colleague to get information about this. 

Meanwhile the colleague called him at that moment, but he did not pick it up. After getting to know about this matter, the NCP activist of Pune tried to contact her. At that time Tekchandani said ‘I have the right to speak, I can speak. What is your opinion on that Kartakarthi, why are they bothering Bhujbal? Asked that. Tekchandani told me that I have the right to speak without any message. Finally, I told him that we are coming to meet… But it didn’t happen. Bhujbal also narrated. Apart from this, nothing happened. No one has sent threatening messages or calls. Bhujbal said that Tekchandani’s allegations are wrong. Bhujbal said that this plot was hatched to tarnish his name. 

Crime against Bhujbal 
This case has been registered against Chhagan Bhujbal along with two others. Chembur businessman Lalit Tekchandani has lodged a complaint with the Chembur police. He has said in the complaint that he received an unknown call threatening to kill him. Lalit Shyam Tekchandani, a home-based social activist and businessman from Chembur, has filed the complaint. After sending the video to Bhujbal, he has complained that he received threatening messages. Bhujbal said he had no idea about the case being filed. Also did not send any message to Tekchandani.. 

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