Chhagan Bhujbal : If we remain silent, all will be taken away, Chhagan Bhujbal’s suggestive statement

Chhagan Bhujbal : The OBC community (OBC) in the state successfully fought a big battle a few days ago and won. The political reservation which was our right was gone. But we managed to restore it and got justice for the OBCs who are the majority in the state. Our fight does not end here. We still have to fight. In some local bodies OBC reservation (OBC reservation) has reduced. The former minister of the state asserted that his fight will continue to maintain 27 percent reservation for OBCs and that all OBC elements should unite and participate in this fight." 9C%E0%A4%AC%E0%A4%B3">Chhagan Bhujbal (Chhagan Bhujbal).

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) OBC Cell Maharashtra Pradesh and All India Mahatma Phule Samata at Vishnudas Bhave Theater Navi Mumbai (Mumbai) A gratitude ceremony was held on behalf of the council. He was speaking on this occasion. He said that Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia used to say ‘Sadake khamosh ho gai then parliament will become avara’ So if we remain silent, these people will take away our rights. So we have to fight for our rights, we have to enlighten the Bahujan society. For some years, we were all very disturbed by the issue of political reservation for OBCs. All the political parties and various OBC organizations have protested many times from time to time for the restoration of this reservation. He said at this time that this is a collective success of all of them.

He said that there are many errors in the report of the Bathiya Commission which led to our political reservation. Errors in reporting need to be addressed. The state government should plan a solution for this. Our demand from the beginning is that the central government should conduct a caste-wise census of the OBCs, but if the central government does not conduct a census of the OBCs, we will insist that the state government should conduct a census of the OBCs in Maharashtra on the lines of Bihar. Only , OBCs in the country are being overpopulated, so OBCs should also get constitutional reservation like SCs and STs. Our battle is not over yet. It has just begun. ‘Abhi to real manzil pana hai baqi hai, Abhi to iradon ka imtihan baqi hai, Abhi to toli hai muthi bhar land, Abhi tolna asaman baqi hai’ Saying this, he appealed to the brothers and sisters present to consider where the battle started and fight again with renewed vigor. He said that the industry has now begun to reverse the cycle of parity. Some people are knowingly trying to end reservation. We should go to every house with the thoughts of great men so that we should spread the thoughts of great men in the society. We should stand behind the people who follow the thoughts of Phule- Shahu- Ambedkar. Phule- Shahu – He said that efforts should be made to inculcate Ambedkar’s thoughts in the society.

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