Chhagan Bhujbal: Atmosphere heats up, rapid action force deployment with police outside Bhujbal farm

Chhagan Bhujbal : Former Guardian Minister

Nashik (Nashik) Police was stationed at Bhujbal Farm, the residence of Bhujbals, for two days. Now Rapid Action Force has also been deployed here and the police officers and staff of Ambad Police Station are keeping a 24-hour guard here. Chhagan Bhujbal had made a controversial statement about Mother Saraswati two days ago. A statement was made that instead of the photo of Saraswati, the photo of great men should be worshipped. After that there was an outburst against him across the state. Protests were also held at various places. At Bhujbal Farm also BJP Yuva Morcha workers of BJP also came here and worshiped Goddess Saraswati. And now a complaint has also been filed against Bhujbal. Therefore, in view of the overall situation, the Nashik police force has been alerted and the security has been increased. 

Meanwhile, the Nashik police force is outside the Bhujbal residence and those who are going to Bhujbal form for any work or other reason are also being questioned. is done So until this atmosphere subsides. Bhujbal does not clarify his position once again. Because even after the BJP office bearers protested here, Bhujbal had stated that he is firm on his point, so it is very important to see that this dispute can be resolved anytime and till then such a police arrangement will be deployed here. So now everyone’s attention is on what exactly Bhujbal is explaining. 

Bhujbal rejected Tekchandani’s allegations!
The statement made by NCP leader Chhagan Bhujbal regarding Saraswati for two to three days. There is a strong reaction and agitation is being started by BJP. Yesterday, a businessman from Chembur filed a case against Chhagan Bhujbal and two others. Politics has been ignited by it. The name of this businessman is Lalit Shyam Tekchandani. Tekchandani has alleged that Chhagan Bhujbal threatened to kill him. In this background Chhagan Bhujbal held a press conference and denied all the allegations. 

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