Chandrapur: Honey trap on top official in Chandrapur; Threatening to make the video viral, they looted lakhs, put five people in chains

Chandrapur News: A sensational case of a high-ranking officer in the medical service being trapped in a honey trap has come forward in Chandrapur. Sources have informed that the prosecuting officer was suspended 7 years ago on charges of watching obscene tapes in the office as he was a sour lover. Zibal Bharsakhre, the accused in this case, residing at Bhanapet in Chandrapur city, was well acquainted with the prosecuting medical officer. He was sure that Doctor Saheb would also fall into his trap as he had a very colorful temper. So he befriended a woman he knew. Interestingly, this woman was none other than the second wife of accused Jibal. After this, the officer was called to a flat and secretly filmed videos with the woman.

After a few days, the woman contacted the doctor and demanded 5 lakhs showing their sexual relationship. This time Jibal intervened and recovered 3 lakhs from the doctor and pretended that all the videos had been deleted. But after a few days Jibal and his wife hatched an extortion plot to extort more money from the doctor. Sadiq Khan and two other women were involved in this conspiracy. 

Demand for extortion of 50 lakhs after threatening to release obscene video

Sadiq Khan demanded a ransom of 50 lakhs by threatening to release the obscene tapes of the victim officer. But after the victim doctor reported the incident to the Superintendent of Police, the local crime branch formed four teams and laid a trap for the accused. Police arrested the accused Sadiq Khan and other accused while taking a check of five lakh rupees and cash amount of thirty thousand rupees. Police have arrested two male and three female accused in this case and rescued the medical officer from the honeytrap.

If anyone is being asked for ransom by honey trap, report it, appeal to the police

Police Inspector Balasaheb Khade of Local Crime Branch, Assistant Police Inspector Jitendra Bobde, Assistant Police Inspector Mangesh Bhoyer, Assistant Police Inspector Sandeep Kapde and other police personnel played an important role in making the operation successful. As it is clear that there is a big racket behind this, it is predicted. Along with this, the police is investigating how many people have been trapped in the honeytrap through this racket so far. Therefore, Chandrapur police has appealed to anyone who is being asked for ransom by such kind of honey trap to meet the police and complain about it. The police have assured that the name of the complainant will be kept confidential.

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