Champasingh Thapa who served Balasaheb came, now Milind Narvekar is also coming! Minister Gulabrao Patil

Maharashtra Politics Gulabrao Patil On Milind Narvekar: Shinde Supporters And State Cabinet Minister Gulabrao Patil (Gulabrao Patil) has made a big statement in Dhula yesterday. Gulabrao Patil has stated that after Balasaheb Thackeray’s servant Champasingh Thapa entered the Shinde group, Uddhav Thackeray’s personal assistant Milind Narvekar is also joining the Shinde group. Therefore, a new discussion has started in the political circle. After the revolt in Shiv Sena, communication between Milind Narvekar and Chief Minister Eknath Shinde continues. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde had gone to Narvekar’s residence for darshan of Ganapati. In this background, Gulabrao Patil has made a statement that Milind Narvekar is also joining the Shinde group. 

Be sure to be called in Bigg Boss

Two days ago, Gulabrao Patil called in Bigg Boss. It was said that going to Bigg Boss will be a golden opportunity for me. In school as well as college life, I used to take part in dramas and songs. Minister Gulabrao Patil also said that if he is called in Bigg Boss now, it is like a golden opportunity, if he gets it, he will definitely go. Mahesh Manjrekar, the host of Marathi Bigg Boss, was recently asked the question that which political faces would you like to see in Bigg Boss. Mahesh Manjrekar took the name of Gulabrao Patil on it.

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