Bombay High Court: Experts working for the preservation of Ambedkari literature should be paid only 300 rupees per day?

Bombay High Court :  Bharat Ratna Dr. The Bombay High Court on Thursday expressed displeasure over the payment of low remuneration to the members of the committee appointed to publish the writings and speeches of Babasaheb Ambedkar. The Khadebol High Court said that the decision to pay only 10 thousand rupees per month to the non-governmental expert members working on this committee is not welcome.

Dr. A committee of 26 experts was constituted to work on the publication of writings and speeches of Ambedkar and other social reformers. During the previous hearing, the High Court had sought information about how much remuneration is given to the appointees. In Thursday’s hearing, government advocate Purnima Kantharia informed the bench that the committee of non-governmental experts currently consists of 10 people and the members are paid 10 thousand rupees per month. Expressing displeasure over it, how can you pay only 300 rupees per day to expert members? Paying them at least based on their knowledge and social status is not a welcome move. In such words, the court reprimanded the state government. Also, how can the 250 rupees travel allowance issued as per the government order of 1971 be paid today even after 40 years? The High Court also asked this question.

Dr. About 5 crore 45 lakhs paper has been purchased by the state government for printing the literature enriched by the writing of Babasaheb Ambedkar.  But it was reported that only 33 thousand books were printed in the last four years and about 5 crores worth of paper is still lying in the godown. Taking serious notice of that report, the Bombay High Court has filed a suo moto petition. The hearing was conducted by Justice Prasanna Varale before the bench of Justice Kishore Sant.

Yashwant Chawre and Pradeep Naik were ready to hand over two rare original works of Babasaheb’s Mahad, Chavadar Tal Satyagraha and ‘Prabuddha Bharat’ (a compilation of Babasaheb’s speeches and writings) to the state government. The state government had also agreed to pay them 6.5 lakh rupees each. However, due to some technical difficulties, the state government did not pay the remuneration and did not accept the materials, so the court pulled the strings on the state government. Both these persons are old and their material is very scarce, the government should consider it. Someone is willing to submit materials to the administration, but you make them wait 6 years? The bench also raised such a question. It also adjourned the hearing ordering the appointment of support staff and providing proper and adequate funds to the committee for smooth functioning of the committee.

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