BMC Budget 2023: Bombay budget blast, 50 thousand crores crossed for the first time, no new tax increase, focus on preventing pollution

BMC Budget 2023: Bombay budget blast, 50 thousand crores crossed for the first time, no new tax increase, focus on preventing pollution

BMC Budget 2023 : Mumbai Municipal Corporation (Mumbai Municipal Corporation) Budget Commissioner and Administrator Iqbal Singh Chahal for the year 2023-24 (Iqbal Singh Chahal) presented. This year, Mumbai Municipal Corporation presented a record budget of 52 thousand crores. For the first time, the budget of Mumbai Municipal Corporation has crossed the mark of 50 thousand crores. This year’s budget is 52 thousand 619 crore rupees. Importantly, there has been no tax increase this year in the wake of the municipal elections. 

Budget increased by 6670 crores

Mumbai’s budget this year has increased by Rs 6670 crore. This percentage increase is 14.52%.  Last year’s (BMC Budget 2022) budget was 45 thousand 949 crore rupees.


In the budget of Mumbai Municipal Corporation, initially the budget of education department was presented.  This year’s education budget is Rs 3347 crore.

BMC Budget Highlights

• An amount of 1382 crore rupees will be given in the form of loan to the BEST initiative

• 52 thousand 619 crores budget estimate of Mumbai Corporation for 2023-24.

• 45 thousand 949 crore budget presented last year 

• A decision by the municipality to develop a parking app, through which pre-booking of parking slots, online payment and other facilities will be availed

• Provision of 3 thousand 545 crore rupees for coastal road, municipality intends to complete the work in this financial year

• Mumbaikars will get 32 ​​public parking lot 91 Anstreet parking lot  services with the help of parking app

Gateway of India will be beautified  

• Charging stations for electric vehicles will be set up in public parking lots owned by the municipality, set up by private companies and revenue sharing efforts for the municipality.

• Municipal Corporation to set up Mumbai parking authority"text-align: justify;"> For the first time, a substantial provision of Rs. 1.5 thousand crores has been made in the budget to bring Mumbai’s increasing pollution under control. An Air Pollution Control Action Plan has been brought into existence to reduce Mumbai’s air pollution. Air quality index deteriorates every year in winter, affecting air quality. 

• Along with conversion of municipal fleet to e-vehicle fleet and charging facility 

• Will buy 3 thousand electric buses for BEST 

• Conversion of old diesel/petrol vehicles of the municipality to CNG 

• Efforts to reduce air pollution by taking measures in waste management also, for this some projects are in progress 

• 1 lakh trees will be planted in Mumbai by planting trees 

• Planting trees on both sides of heavily polluted roads will create a green buffer

Funding for the Best

• 1382.28 crore financial assistance for BEST in the budget

• 3545 Crore Provision for Coastal Road

• Goregaon Mulund Jodarsatta 1060 Crore 

• Road Improvement 2825.6 Crore 

• 2100 crore for the bridge

• 2570.65 Crores of Rainwater Drainage 

• Public Health  1680.19 Crore 

• Education Department 3347.13 crores

Mumbai Municipal Social Impact Initiative 

• Substantial provision for women, disabled, senior citizens, third party 
• Women’s Savings Group – 11.65 crore 
• Women’s Financial Assistance Scheme – 100 crores 
• 25.32 crores of financial assistance for disabled persons 
• 2 crore financial assistance for third castes 
• Senior citizens – 11 crore 
• 6.44 crore for training scheme for women

• Special provision in the budget for the relevant important projects and policies of the Mumbai Municipal Education Department

New Schemes and Projects under Education Department

• Leadership skill training will be imparted to BMC school principals

• More emphasis will be given to skill development by imparting skill development training to students in BMC schools

• Creation of online software for transfers of principals and teachers

• Materials will be purchased for disabled students

• BMC school to be equipped with CCTV cameras, construction of talking protection wall, innovative maths and science centre

Rain and Flood Alert System in Mumbai

• Rainfall information and accurate rainfall measurement information is provided by the municipality every 15 minutes at 28 locations. 

• Information on 60 more places will now be added to this. Along with this, it is also recommended to increase the capacity of flood warning system. Provision of Rs 2.64 crore in the budget

No new project 

No major new project has been undertaken in this year’s budget of Mumbai Municipal Corporation. Substantial provision has been made for the projects which have been undertaken.

What did Iqbal Singh Chahal say? 

– Substantial provision for the budget this year, over 50 thousand Budget 
– Huge amount spent on infrastructure too 
– 52 percent will be spent on development while 48 percent will be spent on other things 
– First time for infrastructure Funds will be spent on 50 percent
– There is a huge increase in revenue 
– Decline in property tax revenue due to Covid 
– Rivers in Mumbai will be revived 
– New policy has been introduced for footpaths 
– In which if the road in Mumbai is more than 9 meters, there will be sidewalks on both sides
 – Roads in Mumbai will be concreted in the next 2-3 years 
– Fund of Rs 6 thousand 300 crore for health this year 
– Health Substantial funds have been given for environment, education 
 – Balasaheb Thackeray will increase the number of clinics to 208 by March 31
– Construction of 18 hospitals will also be done from this fund

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