‘BJP leaders must come to Baramati’, Rohit Pawar’s taunting advice

Rohit Pawar On BJP: BJP is continuously targeting Baramati and Pawar family. Due to this, it is often seen that the leaders of BJP and Nationalists have clashed. Now member of Pawar family and MLA Rohit Pawar has advised BJP instead of taunting. Rohit Pawar has said that BJP leaders must come to Baramati. They should understand the development there. Also, Rohit Pawar has advised that politics should be done on the issue of the development that has taken place in Baramati. 

He said that when a person becomes the new state president, it is equally important for him to be in the news.   When a person becomes a new state president, it is equally important to get news about him. Therefore, Chandrasekhar Bavanule will try as the new state president. However, in Baramati we believe in people. He said that we know which side the people there are from, what their thoughts are. 
Rohit Pawar speaking to ABP Maja said that today BJP is on two issues namely to free Baramati Pawar and to free Mumbai Thackeray. Politics is central. However, he said, BJP leaders do not talk about the issues of common people’s employment, reducing unemployment, farmers’ issues, urban-rural issues.

What did Chandrasekhar Bawankule say while on Baramati tour

Chandrasekhar Bawankule had said while on Baramati tour that on 24th we Including Baramati will win many Lok Sabhas. There will be a fight like never before in Baramati Lok Sabha constituency. Bawankule expressed the belief that Bharatiya Janata Party and Shiv Sena will fight together and win the Baramati Lok Sabha.

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