Bhamtas disguised as women tried to steal, entered the house and strangled the girl, the villagers gave her a chop.

Jalgaon news update : Police have detained three polytheists who entered the house in the guise of women and stole. There has been a stir in Jalgaon since these thieves stole money from a girl’s house by strangling her in broad daylight. All the three polymorphs were beaten up by the citizens and handed over to the police. The theft took place in broad daylight in the Vatika Ashram area of ​​Jalgaon. 

Three youths wearing sarees were walking around asking for money in the Vatika Ashram area of ​​Jalgaon around ten o’clock on Sunday. Taking advantage of the fact that the girl was alone in a house, one of the three strangled the girl and forced her to bring money from the house. At this time the girl screamed. So all the three ran away and went to another area. However, these three people entered a house there and asked one of the house for money. As soon as he took the wallet in his hand to pay, the three snatched his wallet and forcibly took one thousand rupees from it. After it came to light that all the three were forcibly looting, the citizens caught them and beat them to death. The incident was reported to the taluka police and all three were handed over to the police. 

Jalgaon was seen to be in a frenzy due to this incident which happened in broad daylight. There was also confusion in the area due to the suspicion that the children were abductors. After the capture of these three, citizens gathered in the area to see them. This incident has spread fear among the citizens of the area. As no complainant has come forward in this case, it has been reported that no case has been registered by the police till now.  

Meanwhile, several fake messages and videos of child abductions have been doing the rounds on social media for the past few days. Due to these rumours, incidents of beating innocent people have also come to light in many places. In addition, now that this incident has happened in Jalgaon, a challenge has arisen in front of the police. In some places innocent people are being beaten up just on rumours. In some places, cases of theft under the pretext of begging are coming to the fore.    

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