Beware! If you want to be harassed by children…Nashik District Collector is ready

Bonded Labour: The police administration has taken legal action against the minors from Uvadi in Igatpuri taluka of Nashik district who are doing labor outside the district. Moreover, citizens should not encourage malpractices like bonded labour. Also, Nashik Collector Gangatharan D. appeals to inform the revenue, police, tribal and labor departments if such suspicious minors are found in the surrounding area. It has been done by. 

In the past few days, it has come to the notice of the administration that some children of Mauje Uvade village in Igatpuri taluka of Nashik district are working in sheep rearing outside the district. This matter is very serious and against the persons concerned under the Prevention of Exploitation Act 1976, Child Labor Act 1986 amended 2017, A.J.J.K.C. 3( i )( h ), I.D.V. According to Section 374, legal action has been taken through the police department.

The district administration has received information that some children are still missing in Nashik district and the children are being taken to sheep rearing, agricultural work and other menial jobs by some people and establishment owners. . The District Collector has appealed that those who have such children working should immediately hand over these children safely to the parents of the concerned children. Along with this, various departments of the district administration will organize a joint investigation and investigate such missing children. Also, if citizens give information about such irregularities, the names of the informers will be kept confidential. Collector Gangatharan D. has said.

What is the exact case? 
A few days ago, the question of children from Katkari community in Igatpuri was raised. It has come to light that the children of Katkari padas in Igatpuri taluka were bought in exchange of five thousand rupees and one sheep each. Gauri Agivale, a girl from Igatpuri taluka of Nashik district, died suspiciously. This racket related to the sale of children has come to light during the investigation into this death. Three separate cases have been registered in Ghargaon, Sangamner taluka and Parner police station in Ahmednagar district. 

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