Beed News : Body of toddler found washed away in canal in Beed, search operation successful after 24 hours

Beed News Update : The body of a three-year-old child who was washed away in a drain in Gevrai town of Beed district has been found. Dyaneshwar Kshirsagar, a three-year-old child of Chinteshwar area in Gevrai, was swept away in the drain yesterday. As this drain meets the Vidrupa river, the administration and the villagers searched for it in the Vidrupa river. However, he was not found yesterday. After searching for him in the water for 24 hours, his body has finally been found today. 

Dnyaneshwar Kshirsagar, a little boy, was returning home from school while playing in the asana, he suddenly fell into the drain. The water in the drain had increased due to the rain. So he was swept away in the stream. After that, the search was on with the help of  administration and local citizens since yesterday.  After 24 hours, the body of Dnyaneshwar has been pulled out of the water. 

Deceased Dnyaneshwar resides with Kshirsagar family at Chinteshwar Galli, Rangar Chowk, Gevrai. There is an Anganwadi school at a short distance from where he lives. He was studying in this school. Yesterday afternoon, he was coming home with a boy after his school, when he did not see a stream flowing by the side of the road and he slipped and fell into the stream. The incident was caught on CCTV. But, when he fell into the water, no one was there, and no one could tell that he had fallen into the stream, even his companions. So he was swept away with the flow of water in the canal. As this drain goes further and meets Vidrupa river, the villagers and the administration searched for it between the drain and the river. but Sewage from Gevrai towns gets mixed in Vidripa river. Moreover, since the rain water and the sewage of the village were already mixing in the river, the administration had to make a big effort to find Dnyaneshwar. Along with this, due to the presence of dirt in Vidrupa river, there was a big obstacle in the search operation. Finally, today the administration succeeded in finding his body. Heavy rains in Beed. It has been raining heavily for two-three days. Due to this, the water storage in the river channels of the district has increased. Dnyaneshwar Kshirsagar is also filling the fallen drain. That is why the moment he fell into the stream, he was swept away with the flow of water. 

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