Beed: 25 lakhs help to the family of martyred jawan of Kolhapur, drowned during rescue operation

Beed: While searching for a doctor who drowned in the Majalgaon dam, KDRF jawan Rajashekhar More of Kolhapur went deep into the water and got entangled in a fish net and died in it. An aid round was organized in Majalgaon to get financial help for the family of the same Rajasekhar More. 25 lakh rupees have been collected and it has been given to the families of the martyred soldiers. 

Phapal, a famous doctor from Majalgaon, went to swim in the Majalgaon dam. He drowned in the deep water as he did not anticipate the water in the dam. A search was started for him by the local fishermen and the police administration. Even after 24 hours, as the body of Phapal was not found, the KDRF jawans were called from Kolhapur. Rajasekhar More and some of his colleagues entered the water of the dam through a boat to search. They also had oxygen cylinders on their backs. But after going into deep water, Rajasekhar More got stuck in a net thrown to catch fish and was ambushed there. His colleagues tried to pull him out of the net. But in a flash, his oxygen cylinder was thrown away from him and he was more trapped in the net. His fellow jawans tried desperately to pull him out of the water and finally managed to pull him out after a few hours. But he had an unfortunate end in the water.

The unfortunate death of Rajashekhar More, who came from Kolhapur to Majalgaon for rescue work, caused grief everywhere in Beed district. After that in Majalgaon, Majalgaon Journalist Sangh Rotary Club Traders Federation and some social workers organized a relief round to give financial help to the family of Rajashekhar More. In this, the people of Majalgaon have generously helped the family of Rajashekhar More with 25 lakhs of rupees.

When there is a disaster anywhere in the country or the state, soldiers like Rajashekhar More risk their lives for rescue work. More, who came from Kolhapur, died a heroic death in Majalgaon. The people of Majalgaon will never forget the sacrifices they have made, so this activity carried out by the people of Majalgaon for their families should be commended as a matter of humanity.


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