Balasaheb Thorat: As soon as the discussion of Vishwajit Kadam started, Balasaheb Thorat went directly to Sangli! Bilandar gadi gave the advice of the elder

Balasaheb Thorat : It is a difficult time for the Congress party, but difficult times come and go. Congress State President Balasaheb Thorat gave a fatherly advice to Bishwajit Kadam by making a suggestive statement that leadership is formed only during these difficult times. For the past few days there has been a lot of talk in the West including Sangli that Vishwajit Kadam is on the way to the BJP"Maharashtra" href="" data-type="interlinkingkeywords"Involved in the politics of Maharashtra. In that background, Balasaheb Thorat while praising Vishwajit Kadam gave advice to his father.  

Balasaheb Thorat and Vishwajit Kadam attended the Centenary Celebration of Various Working Co-operative Society in Unclekhop of Palus Taluk. While speaking on this occasion, he also commented on Ashok Chavan’s entry into BJP and the ongoing discussion regarding Devendra Fadnavis’ meeting.  

Praise and advice from Vishwajit Kadam

Thorat said that after the departure of Patangrao Kadam, Vishwajit Kadam had to be taken care of. But now Vishwajit is taking care of everyone. The fort is very bilandar. Now Vishwajit has the responsibility of taking the thought and leadership of Congress forward. Vishwajit Kadam’s future will be in Congress. It will not happen anywhere else.

There has been an increase in those who have gone to BJP. Some went there because the power came there. Later, in the party meeting, those people are seen sitting in the back row looking at mobile phones with their necks down, said Thorat. 

What did Thorat say about meeting Ashok Chavan?

Thorat said that Ashok Chavan had gone to a friend on the occasion of Ganapati. Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis met at the door of that friend’s house. And the media immediately gave different news. This news makes one’s event. 

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