Anna Bhau Sathe: The work of democrat Anna Bhau Sathe is honored in Russia, Fadnavis will unveil the statue in Moscow

Mumbai: Lokshahir Anna Bhau Sathe‘s work will be honored by Russia and his statue will be unveiled in Moscow. Deputy Chief Minister of the state Devendra Fadanvis is on a visit to Russia next week and the statue will be unveiled by him on September 14. Assembly Speaker Adv. Rahul Narvekar will also attend the function.

Rudmino Margareta Foreign Language Study in Moscow. This organization has erected this statue of democratic Anna Bhau Sathe. Statues of many world famous people have been erected by the organization in a courtyard in the center of Moscow city. It has now included democrats Anna Bhau Sathe. Deputy Chief Minister of the state Devendra Fadnavis will visit Russia for this occasion. 

75 years of India-Russia relations 

Organization of an international conference in Russia to mark the 75th year of establishment of India-Russia diplomatic relations. has been done. ‘Rudmino Margareta Foreign Language Library’ The conference will be held in Moscow on September 14 and 15. Mumbai University has played an important role in this project along with the Council of Indian Cultural Relations from India.

The footprint of Russian revolution on Anna Bhau’s literature 

Lokshahir Anna Bhau Sathe has made a great contribution to literature.  Anna Bhau Sathe’s literature was influenced by leftist ideology. He was overwhelmed by the workers’ revolution led by Lenin in Russia. He was eager to bring a similar kind of revolution in India. Hence workers, dalits and marginalized people were central in his literature. Anna Bhau Sathe’s literature includes Stalingrad Cha Povada, My Journey to Russia and several stories and novels translated into Russian.

Anna Bhau Sathe composed a long poem ‘Stalingrad Cha Povada’ in the wake of World War II. The largest battle in the history of wars, what we call the Battle of Stalingrad, was the largest battle of World War II. We call her the ‘turning point’ of the war. It was a battle you could say. He named this war as the war of liberation of humanity. Written on the struggle for existence of the nation of Russia. He has shed light on the participation of common people and women in it through his pen. That is why the popularity of Anna brothers increased in Russia. 

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