Amruta Fadnavis: Amruta Fadnavis fraud case raids in Ulhasnagar, Mumbai crime branch action

Amruta Fadnavis: Amruta Fadnavis fraud case raids in Ulhasnagar, Mumbai crime branch action

Amruta Fadnavis:  A raid has been conducted in Ulhasnagar for trying to pay a bribe of one crore rupees to Amruta Fadnavis, wife of Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. A team of Mumbai Police and Crime Branch raided the house of bookie Anil Jaisinghani in Ulhasnagar. At this time, both his daughter designer Aniksha and son Akshan were in the house. Amrita Fadnavis has filed a case against her daughter Aniksha in Malabar Police Station. After that today the police conducted this raid.  

This time both of them tried to avoid police investigation. Alil Jaysingani’s son Akshan has claimed that he was admitted to the hospital due to ill health.  So the girl has claimed that her exams are going on.  Meanwhile, Devendra Fadnavis has given information about this in the hall. "Designer Aniksha had tried to trap me and my  families before. Threats were also given many times. Devendra Fadnavis has alleged that this was a trap to get me in trouble. 

What did Devendra Fadnavis say?

"An attempt has been made to pressure Amrita Fadnavis to do some work through me. First the money was offered. Then tried to blackmail. In this there is a person named Anil Jaysingani. Who has been absconding for the last seven to eight years. There are 14 to 15 crimes against that person. Anil Jaysingani has a daughter. This girl met Amrita Fadnavis between 2015-16. After that they stopped meeting her. However, suddenly again after 2021 this girl started seeing my wife Amrita Fadnavis. This girl said I am a designer, my business is running. Also, the girl said that my name came in the list of 50 influential women. Also, the daughter published a book written on her mother from Amrita Fadnavis. Fadnavis said that the girl, who is a designer, gained confidence through this. After that the girl started coming and going. They are trying to defame us." Devendra Fadnavis has said this.  

What’s the matter?  

Designer Aniksha Jaisinghani’s daughter tried to bribe Amrita Fadnavis with Rs 1 crore to help in a case. Moreover, Amrita Fadnavis had filed a complaint at the Malabar Hill Police Station in Mumbai on February 20 that she was also threatened. A case has been registered against Aniksha after this complaint. Aniksha was in touch with Amrita Fadnavis for over 16 months and visited Amrita’s residence. They have alleged that Aniksha and her father offered a bribe of Rs 1 crore to Amrita Fadnavis, demanding help in a crime.

Important News 

Amruta Fadnavis: Attempted bribe of 1 crore to Amruta Fadnavis; A case has been filed against the designer 

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