Ambadas Danve: ‘Police doing lickt jobs’; Ambadas Danve’s controversial statement about the police

Ambadas Danve  Maha Prabodhan Yatra was organized in Paithan in the presence of Sushma Andhare. While criticizing the opposition, Danve also criticized the police. 

Speaking on this occasion, Danve said that the number of cars coming to our meeting is being recorded. Some of the policemen here are also flattering and licking. But remember it is not a long day, tomorrow we will also come to this place. Take out the record of how many meetings have been held so far in the place where we hold meetings, check how many meetings have been held. But now you see the question. So the police are working under whose pressure, are they taking the salary of Minister Bhumre? Taking the government. Telling the police not to have fun, we have fun too. Danve also said that if you have fun, I will teach you a lesson, I am not talking about everyone, but about a few people. But the family members of the police have expressed displeasure due to this statement of Danve. 

Money laundering in Bhumre’s factory

Speaking further on this occasion, Ambadas Danve also criticized Rohyo Minister Sandipan Bhumre. A case of money laundering has taken place in Sharad factory in Bhumre’s Paithan taluka. I also have all the proofs of this. So Ambadas Danve also said that with all this evidence I will raise this issue in the assembly. 

The work of Brahmagavan to go to Bhumren… 

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