Ahmednagar News : Within two months, the husband should visit his wife, Ahmednagar court order, read what is the actual case?

Ahmednagar News : In Ahmednagar the court has decided to send a husband directly to his wife in Nanda. Both husband and wife from Ahmednagar are highly educated. One of them is employed in the education department of Zilla Parishad and the other is employed in Mahatma Phule Agricultural University, Rahuri. The two were married in August 2014. 

What exactly is the case

Court orders husband to go to live with wife within two months

The wife had told the court that she was being tortured by her father-in-law. Also, the wife demanded that the husband should live with her at the place of work. The wife said that even though the husband could be transferred, he was not getting transferred. Also, the wife had also requested the court to reject the divorce application filed by the husband. Meanwhile, after hearing the arguments of both sides, the court has ordered the husband to go to live with his wife within two months. This is a historic decision as the court ordered the husband to stay with his wife.

This result is unprecedented : Adv. Shivaji Sangle

This is an unprecedented result in our lawyer’s tenure. It has been decided that the husband should go to Nanda to the wife. Until now, the situation was that after marriage, the wife should go to her husband’s house. However, currently the needs of the society have changed, the standard of living has changed. Earlier men used to be earners but now women have also become earners. Equality between men and women is no longer just a matter of talk, it is evident from such an example. The woman’s lawyer Shivaji Sangle has said that this result will be a guideline for the society.

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