Agriculture News : Five acres of sugarcane burnt due to friction of electric wires, loss of eight lakh rupees to the farmer

Agriculture News : Five acres

For the last three to four years, the wires of this power line are loose

Farmer Somnath Ramchandra Atkale had matured Ko-86032 variety. He was preparing to break into the factory to make the dal. Due to the burning of the sugarcane in such a condition, the farmer has suffered a huge loss. Above the sugarcane there are electric poles and wires installed fifteen to sixteen years ago. In three to four years, the wires of this power line have become loose. Due to this, a dangerous situation has arisen. Even if there is a strong wind or ten or twelve birds sit on the wire, the wires rub against each other and cause sparks due to its friction. A similar incident happened and the sugarcane under the wires caught fire. At this time there was a little wind, so the fire continued to burn. In this fire, five acres of sugarcane of Somnath Atkale got burnt. 

Farmers demand immediate compensation for damage done

As soon as the sugarcane caught fire, 10 to 15 youths tried to extinguish the fire from all sides. The fire was brought under control after some time. But by then five acres of sugarcane has been burnt. Meanwhile, the said sugarcane was in the award list of Padegaon Sugarcane Research Centre. This sugarcane is registered with Vitthalrao Shinde Sahakari Sugar Factory for release. Speculators have requested the District Collector that we should get the damages from the government immediately. At least now, the farmers are demanding that the power distribution company should immediately undertake the repair of the power lines that have become dangerous. At present, sugarcane harvesting season is going on in the state. This year also there is a large area of ​​sugarcane in the state. Because of this, record production of sugar is predicted this year as well. However, farmers are suffering losses due to such incidents. 

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