Adv. Gunaratna Sadavarte will plead in court against the Shinde group MLA. Charges against Shirsat

Aurangabad : Fighting court battle for ST employees

Speaking at a press conference held in Aurangabad, Sadavarte said "MLA Shirsat threatened the owner of Baba Construction in Aurangabad not to participate in the tender process for the construction of Aurangabad judge’s residence. Even after filling the tender, Shirsat’s PA verbally threatened him. Sadavarte has informed that there has been a big mess in this tender process and a petition has been filed in the Aurangabad Bench in all these cases."

Increase in the difficulty of MLA shirsats

Adv. Gunaratna Sadavarte’s allegations against MLA Sanjay Shirsat are serious. Now the case has directly reached the court. So now it will be important to see what role the court will take. But Adv. MLA Shirsat’s problem has increased after the allegations made by Gunaratna Sadavarte. It will also be important to see what evidence Sadavarte will present in the court and how Shirsath will plead.

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