Abdul Sattar: The decision to sell wine in supermall is for the benefit of farmers, but BJP’s permission is needed for a provocative decision: Abdul Sattar

Abdul Sattar : Farmers process the produce if it Wine (Wine) is being prepared. That

Meanwhile, the BJP had opposed this decision when the Mahavikas Aghadi government was in power. Sattar was also questioned about this. At this time, Sattar said that the department of this matter is with Shambhuraj Desai. He will discuss this with Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. Finally no policy decision can be taken without the permission of BJP leaders. But Sattar said at this time that I think Shambhuraj Desai must have had some formal discussion with the BJP leaders. If the discussion does not take place, then Shambhuraj Desai will discuss with BJP leaders. They will understand about this. This will benefit the farmers. Sattar said that the wine will be prepared by processing the farm produce.

Shambhuraj Desai will request the BJP leaders 

Work is being done to spread misconceptions about this. Shambhuraj Desai will request BJP leaders regarding this decision. Sattar also said that he will inform the BJP leaders about this decision. Sattar said that the decision to sell wine in supermalls is a good one as it will benefit farmers.

What exactly did Shambhuraj Desai say 

Selling wine in malls is in the interest of the state and farmers. Excise Minister Shambhuraj Desai expressed this opinion. The previous government had sought public opinion on whether to sell wine in malls or not. Desai said that these views have been received and the study is underway. Desai had also said that he would soon meet the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister after studying the responses sought from the public regarding this policy. When we were ministers in the previous government, we were not able to convey the complete information to the BJP party. However, this decision will not be taken without obtaining complete information in this context. This new government is for the benefit of farmers. Desai said that we are focusing on how the farmers will benefit from everything.

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