Abdul Sattar: Aurangabad bench strikes Abdul Sattar again; Notice was also issued

Aurangabad Bench Issued Notice to Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar : Aurangabad Bench has once again given a blow to Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar. The court has stayed an order passed by Abdul Sattar when he was the state revenue minister. Even though the court approved the transaction after the transaction of the seat of the market committee, the then Minister of State for Revenue Abdul Sattar stayed the transaction on an application. At the same time, he ordered to file a case against the Board of Directors of the Market Committee. When the concerned people went to the court against this order, the court stayed the order of Abdul Sattar and lifted the moratorium on the plot.

Kriuba Committee owned survey no. 9233 regarding the transaction of land at Dr. Dilawar Mirza Beg filed a complaint with the then Minister of State for Revenue, Abdul Sattar. The relevant cell officer of the ministry had ordered an inquiry and criminal action against the board and the concerned officer. A committee was also constituted to investigate. The then Chief Administrator Jagannath Kale and others filed a petition in the High Court against this order.

Notice issued to Abdul Sattar 

While giving an order on this, the bench has suspended the order of the investigation of the transaction regarding the place in Jinsi by the Kriuba Committee on the instructions of the then Minister of State for Revenue Abdul Sattar. Minister Abdul Sattar along with Dr. Dilawar Beg was also ordered to issue a notice. Therefore, the court has ordered that Abdul Sattar should not interfere in this case.

Submit Sealed Report 

Dr. Justice Ravindra Ghuge and Justice Ravindra Ghuge of the Aurangabad Bench of the Bombay High Court ordered to inquire into how many complaints Dilawar Mirza Beg made to the then Minister of State for Agriculture and Revenue Abdul Sattar regarding the affairs of the Aurangabad Bazar Committee at Jinsi. Given by Arun Pednekar.

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