Aaditya Thackeray : Air quality deteriorated in states including Mumbai; Aditya Thackeray demands Central Government’s intervention

Aaditya Thackeray : Air quality deteriorated in states including Mumbai;  Aditya Thackeray demands Central Government’s intervention

Aaditya ThackerayShiv Sena leader Concern has been expressed over the issue. It has also been pointed out that the state does not have a full-time environment minister. In his letter, Aditya Thackeray said that the air quality in Mumbai has been consistently ‘poor&rsquo on AQI in the last six months. and ‘too bad’ It has been rated as such. Other cities in Maharashtra are also posting about air quality and demanding central government intervention.

What did the tweet say?

Eknath Shinde and Devendra Fadnavis government is monetizing green lands and Aaditya Thackeray has also alleged that they have compromised for the Mumbai Metro 3 car shed against the will of Mumbaikars and for the Aarey forest as revenge. He tweeted and said, “I have sent a letter to Union Minister Bhupinder Yadav regarding Maharashtra’s air pollution crisis. Also focused on Mumbai’s AQI. Absence of a full-time environment minister and lack of sensitivity to public issues in the state’s illegitimate government have worsened the crisis, as no action is taken. BMC’s study committee and smog towers are just tricks for the benefit of their contractors. I hope you will intervene by responding to this letter.” 

I’ve written to Union Minister Bhupinder Yadav ji about Maharashtra’s worsening air pollution crisis, also focusing on Mumbai’s AQI.

The absence of a full time environment minister and lack of sensitivity towards public issues in the state’s illegal Govt has worsened this… https://t.co/srNTfdYfbe pic.twitter.com/KkQSJp3Mdq

— Aaditya Thackeray (@AUThackeray) March 18, 2023

No Environment Minister with Independent Charge

His letter further said, “I am writing to bring to your notice the serious deterioration of air quality in Maharashtra, particularly in the city. This problem is affecting the daily life of citizens. Little progress is being made at the policy level to address the challenges. As a result, cities are deficient in fresh air and oxygen. Maharashtra The state currently does not have an Environment Minister with independent charge. I have no option but to take this issue to the central government through you.” Stating the causes of pollution, the letter cited construction projects, refineries and fertilizer plants in East Mumbai locations like Mahul or Wadala as major sources of pollution and demanded that these plants be relocated away from the city.

‘Polluter Pay’ The principle should apply

“Construction projects in Mumbai are massive and lack effective supervision. Construction is going on all over the city, causing a lot of dust and debris. Many of which are neglected and unseen. Measures need to be taken to help urban development departments and local bodies understand the cumulative impact of construction on the city’s environment. After assessing this impact, the ‘polluter pays’ principle should be applied. Refineries and fertilizer factories are located on the east coast of the city and there are round-the-clock industrial activities directly affecting the air quality of the city. Residents of areas like Mahul or Wadala are feeling the effects of poor air quality and stench. Government of India should evaluate this plant and relocate it away from the city,” So says the letter.

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