A woman gave birth on the road while being carried in a womb, an incident in Mokhada area of ​​Palghar

Mumbai : A pregnant woman gave birth on the road while being carried in a doli in Jawhar Mokhada area of ​​Palghar district. Both mother and baby are doing well now. However, even though the country has completed 75 years of independence, citizens in many parts of the country have to face such a terrible situation. Citizens are raising questions about this. From this example, a situation has arisen where civil problems in Mokhada area will never end. A few days ago, when the terrible reality of pregnant women in Merkatwadi Palghar area was exposed, now this terrible reality in Aina of Mokhada taluka has come to the fore once again. Labor pains started. As there was no hospital nearby, her family members and the villagers decided to take her to the hospital by a five-kilometer doli. But, while walking with a dolly, she gave birth on the road. After that, the mother and the baby were admitted to Jawhar Kutir hospital early in the morning.

 Jawhar Mokhada in Palghar district is a tribal area and is very remote. There is no road to reach this village. From Jhap village one has to travel 4 to 5 km on foot. Not only this, but in this journey one has to climb up and down the mountains to reach this area. In this, no means of travel is available in time and the patient has to be transported to the hospital using the available means. Also, if the patient does not reach the hospital in time, one has to face unfortunate incidents. But, an incident happens, there is a discussion for two or three days. After that the situation is as it was.  Nobody is taking this dire situation in Mokhada area seriously. Officials, people’s representatives come one day make promises and then disappear. There is no solution to this problem without concrete measures. Due to this  citizens have to lose innocent lives. Many people have lost their lives in the past due to inadequate facilities. A similar heart-wrenching incident took place on August 15. 

While celebrating Independence Day across the country on August 15, a pregnant woman from Markatwadi in the remote Botoshi Gram Panchayat of Mokhadia had to witness the death of her twin babies due to lack of access to health services. took Family members and villagers had to walk three kilometers to get health care for the woman. But, her twin babies had died by then. 

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