A village at the gates of Kolhapur city culminates in disorder; Forced physical relationship of father with underage daughter

Kolhapur Crime : A very disgusting incident has come to light from a village on the outskirts of Kolhapur city and casts a black shadow on the relationship between father and daughter. An incident has come to light that a perverted father had forced physical relations with a 14-year-old minor girl of Pot for the last two years. The shocking revelation came after it came to light that the concerned minor girl was pregnant. A case has been registered in the police regarding this. 

Meanwhile, according to the information that has come to light, the father forcibly had physical relations with the minor girl from 2020 to September 2022. The concerned girl realized that she was pregnant after going to the hospital for a check-up. After that, the victim filed a complaint with the police. Further proceedings have been initiated after the case has been registered.  The police have registered a case under various sections against the deformed father. 

In Kolhapur district, child marriage is rampant

Though the society has become numb after this incident, child marriages have also been exposed on a large scale in the current year in Kolhapur district. The rate of child marriages in the district including Kolhapur city has increased especially since the corona era. As many as 19 child marriages have been found in the last six months. Child marriage is considered if the age of the bride is more than 18 and the age of the groom is less than 21 at the time of marriage. Child marriage has increased due to many reasons. There has also been an increase in cases of abduction and marriage of minor girls in recent times. 

Increase in violence against women 

On the one hand child marriages are coming to light, there is also an increase in cases of women abuse. This includes in-laws’ investigations, one-sided love affairs, and incidents that have been identified through social media.

Heinous murder of a young woman by a relative on September 20

On the other hand, the incident of a young man brutally murdering a young woman by sending a message on WhatsApp status saying “I’m sorry, I’m going, goodbye life” happened on September 20 in Panhala taluka. In Pandavaleni area of ​​Giroli Ghat (Panhala), a young man killed a young woman by strangulating her throat with a nylon rope and stabbing her in the head while driving a four-wheeler. At the same place, the young man also tried to commit suicide by drinking poison. He also died after being admitted for treatment. 

Both the deceased were relatives. The name of the murdered girl is Rituja Prakash Chopde (age 21, res. Khotwadi, dist. Hatkanangle). The name of the youth who committed suicide is Kailas Ananda Patil (age 26, resident Lingnoor, district Kagal). Since both are relatives, there was talk of their marriage for the past few days. However, it is being said that he took the extreme step because some of his relatives opposed it. Relatives opposed the marriage as Kailas was not employed. 

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