A lover’s companionship ends a husband; The plaintiff’s wife turned out to be the accused, in front of the shocking incident in Solapur

Solapur Crime Updates: A wife who killed her husband with the help of her boyfriend in Solapur has been chained with her boyfriend. Interestingly, this wife had given a complaint to the police that her husband had been killed. Wednesday morning"https://marathi.abplive.com/news/solapur"Dasharath Narayankar was killed in Muligaon Road (Solapur News live) area of ​​Solapur. Aruna Narayankar, the wife of the deceased, lodged a complaint with the police and a case of murder was registered against the unknown accused. But in the police investigation, it has been revealed that the accused is the wife of the deceased who filed the complaint. Aruna, the wife of Dashrath Narayankar, who died in an immoral affair, has confessed to the police that she killed him with the help of her lover Babaso Balshankar. 

Dasharath Narayankar of Akkalkot taluka village near Dombar came to live in Solapur with his wife a few years ago. But Dashrath was killed on September 21. The police suspected that Dashrath was killed due to financial transactions. While the investigation was going on, the police got the information that the wife of the deceased was having an affair with a young man named Babaso Balshankar for seven to eight years. Due to this suspicion, the police questioned the wife. At first, Aruna gave vague answers.

On the other hand, the police laid a trap to catch the suspected lover Babaso Balshankar. Three teams of Solapur city crime branch were searching for him. The team of Assistant Police Inspector Sanjay Kshirsagar arrested the suspect Babaso Balshankar from Mulegaon cross road. After being thoroughly interrogated after being detained, Babaso Balshankar confessed to having an affair with the deceased’s wife. He also confessed to killing Dashrath with the help of Aruna. 

Wife Aruna herself prepared a plan to kill her husband Dashrath with the help of her lover Babaso Balshankar. Materials like sleeping pills, nylon rope, knife etc. were procured for the murder. The WhatsApp chat of Aruna, who was initially replying in vain, also came into the hands of the police at this time. But then she confessed to the murder. The two accused gave the information that Dashrath was killed around 3 am on Wednesday. Accused Aruna Narayankar and accused Babaso Balshankar have been arrested by the police.

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