50 percent of onion purchased by NAFED bad, reports of onion spoilage due to climate change

Mumbai : 50 percent of Onion procured by NAFED has gone bad. Information has been given by NAFED that onion has deteriorated due to climate change. NAFED had procured 2.5 lakh tonnes of onion. But, 50 percent of these onions are spoiled.  

Procurement of onion from Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat through NAFED has been completed. In Maharashtra, the most purchases were made from Nashik district. This onion has been purchased through the federation of 16 farmers producing companies and four cooperative societies in the state. Compared to the previous year 2021 22, 50 thousand tons more procurement was completed. This onion has not yet been brought for sale in the market. Onion from this buffer stock procured and stored was to be supplied to the retailers between August and December through government agencies in the states and Union Territories. It was announced. But since the onion has not been picked, the loss has increased due to rotting.

 The central government has purchased 2.5 lakh tonnes of onion for this year under the price stabilization scheme. Nafed had purchased this onion till July 13. This purchase was done in Shivara through the Farmers Production Company. This onion is kept in chali. But, due to increased humidity and atmospheric changes, the onion is rotting. Black water is coming out of it. It is reported that almost fifty percent of the onion is damaged. 

Since the situation is like that, it is not possible to say whether the urban people will get the onion purchased by NAFED in good condition at the right price. The deterioration of the onion has happened to the summer onion which was stored six months ago. This year it is deteriorating due to vagaries of nature, changing weather and heavy rains. Also the cultivation of new kharif onion is also decreasing. The result of this will be less planting in the next season, so the production will not be reduced, said Maharashtra Kuber Jadhav, contact head of State Onion Producers Association.  

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