113 year old Gateway of India cracked? Cracks in facades as per audit

113 year old Gateway of India cracked?  Cracks in facades as per audit

Gateway Of India Mumbai : Mumbai said that the first sight that comes before the eyes is the Gateway of India on the shores of the vast Arabian Sea. Gateway of India is seen as the focal point of Mumbai city. For 113 years, this vastu is still standing strong, facing the sea waves and storms.   However, it has come to light that this Gateway of India has been cracked. Let’s see what is the whole matter?  

It has come to light that the 113-year-old Gateway of India has cracked. It has been found that there are cracks in the structural audit. Will the government accept the proposal for the restoration of ‘Gateway’? This question has been raised. Gateway of India is not only Mumbai’s architecture. So only the identity of the country. The British built this structure in 1911. And in the year 1924, it was opened to the general public. But, the over 100 year old structure has cracked…Gateway has been hit by high waves every time a cyclone passes by Mumbai..But, after this storm..a very important thing was noticed. It was seen that the structure was damaged in last year’s cyclone. This matter has been brought to the attention of Culture Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar last week. 

 Did the Gateway of India building really crack?

This 1911 structure was opened to the public in 1924. Structural audit of Gateway of India was done recently. According to the same audit, cracks were seen in the façade of the building. Plants were also seen growing at many places on the building. On the other hand, the waterproofing and cement concrete in the dome have also been damaged.  

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