Tomato was fed to the cattle in Chhindwara, 6 including 1 cow died, the reason came to the fore

Tomato was fed to the cattle in Chhindwara, 6 including 1 cow died, the reason came to the fore

Chhindwara: How dangerous the pesticide being sprayed in vegetable crops can be for health, it can be estimated from the incident that happened in Mohkhed of Chhindwara, in which 6 cattle died after eating tomato crop. In fact, in Chhindwara, a farmer had planted tomato crop in two acres of field, but he did not get good prices, being upset, the farmer cut the tomato crop and put it on the cattle to clear his field, due to which the cattle got sick and 6 cattle died one after the other, including two milch cows, in such a way the farmer had to bear double the loss.

This incident is being reported from village Shakkarjhiri in Mohkhed block of Chhindwara, where the tomato crop proved to be a loss-making deal for farmer Shishupal Sherke. In fact, while discussing with Navbharat, Shishupal Sherke told that he had planted tomato crop in his field, but he did not get proper price of tomatoes, due to the price of Rs. 1 to 2 per kg, more than Rs. Had to suffer a loss, after which to vacate the field, they cut the tomato crop from the field and started feeding it to the cattle, but suddenly after eating this crop, 6 of their cows and calves fell ill and died.

Harmful insecticide was sprayed
In fact, after the condition of the cattle deteriorated, the farmer Shishupal Sherke immediately contacted the veterinarian Dr. Jitendra, who reached the spot and treated the cattle, but his life could not be saved, later it came to light after the PM that the cattle died due to pesticides. Due to the deadly poison, there has been a stir after this report. At the same time, the investigation is going on in the case, which is the pesticide that caused the death of the cattle.

Playing with health, isn’t this an alarm bell?
After the incident in Mohkhed, one thing is now clear that the pesticide being used in vegetable crops other than tomato is very harmful for the body and health, the farmer says that he took a few days ago. Pesticides were sprayed only, so it can be understood that the tomatoes which are reaching the market from the farms are not safe.

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