Snake wrapped in woman’s hand during Mahaarti in miraculous Jamsavali temple, after that started swinging

Snake wrapped in woman’s hand during Mahaarti in miraculous Jamsavali temple, after that started swinging

Chhindwara: In the famous miraculous Jamsavali Temple (Jamsavali Mandir Video), a wonderful scene was seen during the Mahaarti on Holi festival. Suddenly came together and wrapped in the woman’s hand. This snake was wrapped in the hand of the woman for a long time. For a long time the woman danced with the snake in her hand. The snake did him no harm to him. Here the aarti went on for half an hour and the woman danced with the snake. Devotees performing aarti have also captured this scene in their mobile phone cameras. Its video has surfaced.

It can be clearly seen in the video how the woman is dancing in the aarti. A snake is wrapped around his hand. Later, the snake suddenly came out of the woman’s hand, after which everyone is considering it as a miracle of Bajrangbali. People say that such miracles always happen in the Hanuman temple of Miraculous Siddha Jam Savli. Nag Devta himself had come here to participate in the Aarti of Bajrangbali.

The snake was of cobra species

According to the temple management, the snake wrapped around the woman’s hand was of the cobra species. He did not harm the woman even after handling it in her hand. Nor has he caused any harm to anyone else afterwards. It can be understood from this that even after being dangerous, the snake has not harmed anyone.

Miraculous Hanuman Temple is the center of faith

Significantly, the famous Shri Hanuman Temple of Jam Sanwali is the center of faith of thousands of devotees. Here former Chief Minister of the state Uma Bharti, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Union Minister Giriraj Singh, CM Kamal Nath and other big leaders mark their attendance. Along with this, a large number of devotees participate in the Maha Aarti daily. Every devotee’s wish is fulfilled in this temple.

Sri idol of God is in lying position

The world famous miraculous Shri Hanuman Mandir Jam Savli is located just 12 kilometers away from Sausar headquarter. Here the idol of Hanumanji is lying down. The stream of water continuously flows from the navel of Hanumanji. It is believed that by participating in morning and evening aarti, by taking the water coming out of the navel, one gets freedom from ghosts, obstacles and mental diseases. Navbharat does not confirm these things. This is belief and faith.
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