SDM started hailing the ‘miracle’ of Kuti government, Tehsildar fell at the feet, watch video

SDM started hailing the ‘miracle’ of Kuti government, Tehsildar fell at the feet, watch video

Tikamgarh: In the Bundelkhand region, there is dominance of Babas. After Pandit Dhirendra Krishna Shastri, there is discussion of Kuti Sarkar Video. They also tell people’s future by writing pamphlets. Baldevgarh SDM Saurabh Mishra and Tehsildar Anil Gupta reached his court. Both of them were surprised when a policeman filed an application in solitude before Lord Hanumanji. Kuti Sarkar gave all the information about the policeman in writing. Seeing this wonderful miracle of Kuti Sarkar, all the present devotees including SDM and Tehsildar prostrated themselves.

In Tikamgarh, Shashwat Tiwari is famous as Sonu Maharaj Kuti Sarkar. A policeman along with SDM Mishra and Tehsildar reached his court with their problems. The policeman told the Kuti Sarkar that he has applied to Lord Hanuman ji about his problem. Then the Kuti Sarkar wrote his pamphlet without taking any information from the policeman. After this, Tehsildar Anil Gupta was handed over that slip.

Kuti Sarkar again asked the policeman to explain the problem in front of everyone. Then the policeman verbally explained his problem. After this, Kuti Sarkar took the form from Tehsildar and read it in front of everyone. The same things were written in the pamphlet which the policeman had told. SDM Saurabh Mishra and Tehsildar Anil Gupta were also stunned to see this miracle. Bowing his head in reverence, he started hailing the Kuti government.

The constable’s problem was that he was worried about the ground dispute. Regarding this, the constable had applied to Hanumanji. Kuti Sarkar wrote these things in the pamphlet. After that he read it out. Seeing this, the SDM and the Tehsildar started cheering Baba. Then Tehsildar Kuti bowed down before the government.
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