‘Sagar’ is burning fire in BJP! Minister Rajput’s son taunted Bhupendra Singh … Mayor’s husband issued a letter against the state president

‘Sagar’ is burning fire in BJP!  Minister Rajput’s son taunted Bhupendra Singh … Mayor’s husband issued a letter against the state president

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Sea: Before the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections, news of discord in the ruling party is coming to the fore. Akash Rajput, son of Minister Govind Singh Rajput, took a dig at Facebook by posting against Urban Administration Minister Bhupendra Singh. On the other hand, Sushil Tiwari, husband of Sagar Mayor Sangeeta Tiwari, has issued a letter against the BJP state president.

The minister’s son wrote – If he had been from Khurai, he would have put him in jail for raising his voice…

Akash Rajput, son of Revenue and Transport Minister Govind Singh Rajput, taunted Urban Administration Minister Bhupendra Singh. Akash posted on Facebook in which it was written – It is good that we are not in Khurai, otherwise we would have gone to jail for talking. Kyun Bhai Sadhu ji… Apart from this, Pappu Phuskele, a close aide of Minister Rajput’s brother, also wrote a post against Minister Singh. However, after some time the minister’s son Akash Rajput and Pappu Phuskele deleted the post. At the same time, some Congressmen took screenshots of his post, which are now going viral on social media.

Bhargava, Rajput, MLA Jain, Laria had complained about Bhupendra Singh

In fact, there were reports in the past that Minister Gopal Bhargava, Minister Govind Singh Rajput, Sagar MLA Shailendra Jain, Narayavali MLA Pradeep Laria and BJP District President Gaurav Sirothia had complained to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan about Urban Administration Minister and Khurai MLA Bhupendra Singh. From According to media reports, all these ministers and legislators along with CM Shivraj approached the BJP organization and complained about Minister Singh. However, the very next day Minister Bhargava denied it, and said that we are all like a closed fist in the party, we have no complaints against anyone. After this, after this post of Minister Rajput’s son came in front, now again the discussion has intensified.

Sagar mayor husband issued letter against state president Sharma

Sagar Mayor’s husband Sushil Tiwari has issued a letter regarding BJP state president VD Sharma. In which he has written about going late at night to a BJP leader’s house and drinking alcohol. This letter has gone viral once before as well, which has been declared wrong. At the same time, Sushil Tiwari has called it the fault of his PA, later removed the PA.

Mayor’s husband told Bhupendra Singh as state president

A screenshot of WhatsApp-chat of Sagar Mayor Sangeeta Tiwari’s husband Sushil Tiwari is going viral on social media, which is adding fuel to the fire burning inside BJP. In fact, the mayor’s husband has written on WhatsApp that Bhupendra Singh can be the new state president of BJP.

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