MP: The thread of sight became the cause of death, the innocent girl lost her life while playing

MP: The thread of sight became the cause of death, the innocent girl lost her life while playing

Chhindwara: In Chhindwara, the thread tied around the neck of an innocent girl became the reason for her death. While playing, she got hanged by this thread, in a hurry the girl was taken to the hospital, where she died. The police have taken the matter under investigation.

According to the Dehat police station, the case is related to Poama, adjacent to the city. Simran Ahirwar, a 9-year-old girl of Sunil Ahirwar, who lives here, was playing with some children in her house, when she stuck her finger in the thread and knotted it. She became unconscious, immediately the family members admitted her to the district hospital in Chhindwara in critical condition, where the doctors tried hard to save her, but her life could not be saved. After the incident, the family members are in shock and are in bad condition by crying.

Children playing together gave information to relatives

Please tell that some children were also playing with Simran Ahirwar, when suddenly she got strangled by the thread around her eyes and she started feeling restless. Immediately the children informed Simran’s family. After which the family took him to the hospital but by then it was too late. The thread had become so tight that the innocent 9-year-old girl had suffocated.

Innocent brother of 5 years set fire, family immersed in mourning

After the incident, where the family members are in bad condition by crying, in the last rites of the innocent girl, many people of the village gathered and bid farewell with moist eyes. Sunil Ahirwar had two children, a daughter and a son. After the son’s death, his 5 year old innocent child set him on fire, at that time he also fell unconscious. Right now the whole family is in shock.

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