MP Politics: Congress told what is the similarity between MP and Karnataka? Focus on these 4 issues before elections

MP Politics: Congress told what is the similarity between MP and Karnataka?  Focus on these 4 issues before elections

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Bhopal: The countdown for the assembly elections is going on in Madhya Pradesh. The code of conduct may come into force in the next 4 months. Meanwhile, the ruling party BJP and the main opposition Congress are making all out efforts to win the elections. Recently, after the victory in Karnataka, there is a lot of enthusiasm in Madhya Pradesh Congress. On the other hand, on Friday, the BJP churned in the meeting of the State Working Committee. After the meeting where Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said what is Karnataka-Ferntak, I have such arrows in my quiver. After running which only BJP government will be formed in the state.

At the same time, the former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and the State Congress have put BJP in worry by tweeting. Kamal Nath has also retweeted this tweet. MP Congress has written that there is a similarity between Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh.

People have made up their mind to change
In Karnataka, in the lust of power, the BJP toppled the government by buying 22 MLAs. Today, Congress has returned to power in Karnataka with a huge majority. MP Congress has further written that similarly in Madhya Pradesh also BJP had bought 28 MLAs. Now the people of Madhya Pradesh have also made up their mind for change.

Corruption everywhere in MP
In Karnataka, the government had fixed 40 percent commission for every work. Similarly, in Madhya Pradesh this commission amount is 50 percent. There is corruption everywhere. In Karnataka, BJP should have earned false applause by taking the name of Hanuman, but even there Bajrangbali supported the Congress.

BJP does not have issue
MP Congress wrote that BJP did not have any issues in Karnataka, it lied a lot to the public, while Congress talked about issues. People preferred the issues in Karnataka and brought change. Just like this Shivraj Singh Chouhan is the announcement machine in Madhya Pradesh. At the same time, the public is with the issues of the Congress. People in the state are also ready for change.
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What is Shivraj’s strategy on Karnataka
In the working committee meeting held at the state BJP office on Friday, Shivraj Singh Chouhan infused new enthusiasm among the leaders. He said what is this Karnataka-Ferntak, this is Madhya Pradesh. CM said that what Congress has, we have Narendra Modi. Devdurlabh is a worker who works hard day and night. I still have many arrows in my quiver. Congress cannot compete with us from anywhere.

Report: Deepak Rai

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