MP government is making an ‘army’ of bees to drive away wild elephants, know the complete plan

MP government is making an ‘army’ of bees to drive away wild elephants, know the complete plan

Bhopal: To prevent incidents of human-elephant conflict, the Madhya Pradesh government will now rear Bees Sena in the affected areas. Will keep them in the way of elephants coming to the residential areas, fearing whose buzzing sound and sting, elephants will not come to human settlements and fields. Elephants eat Mahua flowers. Intoxicated by this, the residents of the border districts of the state wander in the areas. Before being chased away or returning to the neighboring state of Chhattisgarh, they go on a rampage and cause damage to life and property.

Officials said that the state government has issued guidelines for the management of human-elephant conflict last week. In which the recommended operating procedures for dealing with emergency situations related to these are given. As a preventive measure, people have been advised to raise bees in the affected areas to drive away the elephants, he said. According to officials, the recommended operating procedure stated. Elephants are afraid of bees because bees sting them in their eyes and trunk. In addition, the sound of bees disturbs elephants. Placing beeswax boxes in the path of elephants will prevent elephants from coming into human settlements.

He said that in the recommended operating procedure, it has also been said that beekeeping should be planned in connection with the National Rural Livelihood Mission, in which provision should be made for compensation for damage to honey boxes by elephants. According to officials, beekeeping will be promoted in the villages of Sidhi, Singrauli, Shahdol, Anuppur, Umaria, Dindori and Mandla in the eastern districts of Madhya Pradesh. He said that elephants have been entering these districts from Chhattisgarh for the last few years.

Incidents of human-elephant conflict are also coming to light due to the arrival of elephants in these areas. As a result, both wild elephants and humans remain at risk of life and property. This conflict results in human casualties as well as elephants being electrocuted, poisoned, hit by trains, etc. Officials said that apart from loss of life, crops and property are also damaged by elephants.

On the other hand, due to the continuous visit of elephants in the forest areas around the villages, there is a situation of fear among the villagers along with human-elephant conflict. He said that the latest step will not only protect crops and property, but it will also provide livelihood to the tribal population in the districts bordering Chhattisgarh.
According to officials, the Khadi and Village Industries Commission through its flagship ‘Honey Mission’ program had distributed 100 boxes of beeswax to 10 beneficiaries in Morena district last year. He told that in the management of human-elephant conflict, coordination and cooperation of major government departments, non-governmental organizations and local residents etc. is necessary.

Madhya Pradesh’s Principal Chief Conservator of Forests JS Chauhan said that we have requested NGOs having experience of working in areas affected by wild elephants to provide training. Also asked to share their experiences with local communities. He said that by having a little understanding and restraint about elephants, people can avoid loss of life and property to a great extent. According to Chauhan, the exercise to drive away elephants should be done by maintaining a safe distance by making noise with bright light, firecrackers, sound of sirens and other means.

He said that if the herd of elephants ignores this procedure and attacks back, spraying of chilli powder, burning of sticks made of chilli powder and rubber bullets can be used. Rubber bullets should not be used on the eyes and forehead. He said that apart from this, the sound of the buzzing of bees can also drive away elephants. According to Chauhan, if the elephants are furious, then Hathi Mitra Dal and other employees engaged in this work should stay at safe places for their safety.

Along with this, he told that the local people will be asked not to throw stones at the elephants or confront them, as this may provoke the elephants. Last year, over eight people were killed by wild elephants that entered Madhya Pradesh from Chhattisgarh, according to official figures.

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