MP Election: Two days, three districts, conference of nine societies, Scindia engaged in preparations for Lok Sabha elections with assembly

MP Election: Two days, three districts, conference of nine societies, Scindia engaged in preparations for Lok Sabha elections with assembly

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Gwalior: Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia is in full election mode. In his Lok Sabha constituency Guna-Shivpuri, he participated in the conferences of nine different societies on 22 and 23 May. Scindia listened to people’s grievances in these conferences, assured them of their solution and also sought votes for the BJP. This is the first time that Scindia attended the conference of so many societies together. Through this, he started a campaign to help 17 lakh voters of eight assembly constituencies of this area.

Scindia attended the conferences of Teli, Rathor, Batham, Kevat, Kashyap, Nishad, Sahu, Vaish and Jain Samaj in Shivpuri on 22 and 23 May. He met the people of Rawat, Meena, Deshwali and Yadav communities in Padora and Khatora in Kolaras. Apart from this, he participated in the programs of Brahmin and Valmiki Samaj in Guna and Ori and Jain Samaj in Ashoknagar.

The round of meetings will continue

Guna-Shivpuri is the parliamentary constituency of Scindia. He was defeated from here in the last Lok Sabha elections, but this area is a stronghold of the Scindia family. Before the assembly elections, BJP has given him the responsibility of helping voters in this area. The phase of meeting different societies will continue. Scindia will also be on a tour of Guna-Shivpuri on June 3 and 4. He will meet Banjaras in Moongavali, Kushwahas and Shakyas in Ashoknagar, Sikhs in Isagarh, Adivasis in Kolaras, Kirars in Badarwas and Muslims in Guna. His program is being prepared in such a way that he can meet people from all walks of life.

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eye on caste equality

There are about 17 lakh voters in the eight assembly seats of the Guna-Shivpuri parliamentary constituency. The maximum number of 2.30 lakh votes belong to Scheduled Tribes. There are about one lakh voters of scheduled castes, 60 thousand of Kushwaha community, 73 thousand of Yadavs, 80 thousand of Brahmins and 70 thousand of Raghuvanshi community. Apart from this, there are 20 thousand votes of Vaish and Jain community, 30 thousand of Kirar and Dhakad community and 20 thousand of Muslims. Votes of different communities are scattered in such a way that there can be no hope of victory without smoothening the caste equations. Scindia is also engaged in preparations for the Lok Sabha elections through the assembly elections.

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This is the math of assembly seats

The highest number of 37 thousand votes belong to scheduled castes in Guna assembly constituency. Brahmin Samaj is on the second number with 20 thousand votes. Apart from this, Valmiki Samaj also has a good influence. Scindia attended the conference of Brahmin and Valmiki Samaj in Guna. In Bamori, including ST and OBC, there are about 80 thousand votes which are decisive. Yadav and Raghuvanshi community have maximum votes in Ashok Nagar. The role of Yadavs is decisive in Moongavali seat. Chanderi also has the maximum number of ST and OBC voters. Shivpuri has the maximum number of 50,000 votes of the Vaish community, but in this area the influence of the palace is more important than the caste equation. In Kolaras, there are 35 thousand votes of OBC, 32 thousand of ST and 22 thousand of Kirar community. There are 50 thousand votes of Dhakad community and 35 thousand votes of Brahmin in Pichor assembly constituency.

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