Indore News: Police found the missing deaf and mute child in five hours, then TI fulfilled his wish and won the heart of the innocent

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Indore: Once again the human face of the police has come to the fore in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. When the police searched a missing 11-year-old child, he expressed his desire to sit in the car and eat ice cream. TI of Rajendra Nagar police station fulfilled his wish. TI made him sit in the car with him and bought ice cream and gave it to eat. This made the child happy.

TI Satish Patel told that on Thursday morning deaf-mute Dhruv had gone to Choithram vegetable market with his father Ankit to buy vegetables. Ankit sets up a vegetable shop in Mandi itself. He went missing from the market while playing. The father informed the police about this.

Rajendra Nagar police started searching for the child by registering a missing case. The police made the photo of the missing boy viral in the WhatsApp group and searched hundreds of CCTV footages in the vicinity. After a few hours of hard work, the child was found safely by the police, who has been handed over to his family.

In front of the family, the child expressed his desire to roam in the police car and eat ice cream. At first the father refused the child, but a policeman standing nearby told this to the station in-charge. After this, the child was taken for a ride in the police vehicle along with his father and he was also fed ice cream. The faces of the deaf and dumb child and his parents lit up with joy because of the humanity of the police. After his wish was fulfilled, the child happily left for home with his parents.

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