Indore News: 8 new cities will be established very soon in the country, know why new cities are necessary?

Indore News: 8 new cities will be established very soon in the country, know why new cities are necessary?

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Indore: An officer of the Central Housing and Urban Affairs Department has made a big claim. He said that in view of the increasing burden of population on the resources of the existing cities, the government is considering a plan to establish eight new cities. During a meeting of “Urban 20” (U20) in Indore, MB Singh, director of the G20 unit of the department, told that a report of the 15th Finance Commission had recommended the development of new cities in the country.

After this, the states have sent proposals to develop 26 new cities to the central government and out of these, eight new cities are being considered. He said that after examining the plan, the government will make a formal announcement about the places related to the new cities and the time frame for their development.

The major share of finance will be from the center
Singh said, we have to set up new cities in the country as the existing cities are not able to bear the burden of the needs of the citizens. The haphazard expansion on the outskirts of existing cities is affecting the original planning of these cities. He said that after every new city is established, social and economic activities will increase in its radius of at least 200 km. Singh said that the financial plan for setting up of the new city has not been decided yet, but the central government will have a major share in the funding of this project.
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The pressure of the present cities will be reduced
Singh said that if new cities are built then the pressure of old cities will reduce. He said that there are unlimited possibilities in the development of a new city. Explain that keeping in view the increasing population in the country, the concept of development of new cities has been fixed.

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