‘India’s city is safer than New York’, American tourist’s thank you note will make you proud

‘India’s city is safer than New York’, American tourist’s thank you note will make you proud

Indore: It is said about Indore, the cleanest city of the country, that whoever comes here becomes a fan of this city. Renee Lean, a tourist from New Jersey, USA, has praised Indore fiercely. He has described the security system of Indore as better than many cities of America. He has also written a thank you note to Indore Police Commissioner Harinarayan Chari Mishra, praising Rangpanchami and the police system here. Renee Lean said that compared to the security of many cities of America, the security of Indore police is better. He said that we cannot go out after 9 pm in America, whereas in Indore the bullion market and many other markets roamed till late night. I felt very safe here.

Actually, Renee Lean, a resident of New Jersey, America, has been living in Indore for a few days. He praised Indore Police’s security and Indore Rangpanchami. She said that she had come here after hearing about the cleanliness of Indore city and she was living here for the last few days. He also celebrated the festival of Rangpanchami with great enthusiasm.

Indore better than New York
He told that he liked the atmosphere here and the hospitality here too. She said that’s why she came to give thank you letter to the Indore Police Commissioner for the strong security arrangements. Not only this, she also said that she would also ask the US police to learn many things from the Indore police. Regarding drug and gun culture in New York and other cities of America, he said that due to drug and gun culture, crime has increased there. Because of which women feel insecure. He said that Indore is many times better than New York in terms of safety and cleanliness.
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At the same time, Police Commissioner Harinarayan Chari Mishra said that Renee Lean has thanked and congratulated the Indore Police. She herself has come here to congratulate. He said that he liked many markets of Indore very much and he praised them fiercely.
Report – Sanjay Kumar

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