In MP, Ravana’s son is worshiped, not Indra, people please Meghnath by hanging from a rope.. Know why

In MP, Ravana’s son is worshiped, not Indra, people please Meghnath by hanging from a rope.. Know why

Chhindwara: Often you must have heard that people worship gods and goddesses for good rains, but there are some places in Chhindwara where people worship Meghnath, the glorious son of Ravana. Here, from the day of Holi till Rang Panchami, people please Meghnath by hanging on a high pole.

In fact, here people worship Meghnath, the majestic son of Ravana, for good rains, even during the worship ritual of Ravana’s son, by worshiping Mata Ninkulaba, coconuts are thrown in the air to forecast the weather, and all this It happens that this is done for five days before Dhurendi.

In Chhindwara’s Umreth, Pandhurna, Sarna, Chaurai and other blocks, even today everyone celebrates Holi by worshiping Ravana’s son Meghnath in a traditional way, especially farmers and youth of every section participate in this worship. People in Pandhurna Nagar have named a ward after Meghnath. Symbolically, a Khandera has been built here by erecting 4 big pillars, on which it is being worshiped considering it as Meghnath, being painted with saffron.

Praying by hanging from Khandera in the air

A video of Meghnath Puja has also surfaced in which it can be seen that how this Khandera is worshiped first, then some youths are swinging by tying a rope in it, and are pleasing Khandera Dev i.e. Meghnath. Villager Sudhakar Hivane told that during this time the old panda here throws a coconut with water in the air, then it is broken to see how much water is in it, if less water comes out in the coconut during this time. It can be understood that the rainfall will be less than average, while if more water comes out then it is understood that there will be good rain. This belief of the people is 300 years old.

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Meghnath is worshiped in Holi after Diwali.

Let us inform that Meghnath, a devotee of Maa Nikumbla, is also worshiped in Chhindwara’s Umreth, here it is duly worshiped for eight days from Diwali’s Duj, while after about 3 to 4 months, Khandera is celebrated on Holi Dhurendi festival. There is worship. This sequence has been going on continuously for the last hundreds of years, which is an ancient belief, that Meghnath also solves every problem of the people, and their wishes are fulfilled by worshiping Khandera. Not only Umreth, but Meghnath is specially worshiped in Chaurai, Sarna and other areas.

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