I am missing Scindia, banning Bajrang Dal is meaningless… Digvijay’s brother Laxman Singh said, moving away from the party line

I am missing Scindia, banning Bajrang Dal is meaningless… Digvijay’s brother Laxman Singh said, moving away from the party line

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Bhopal: Veteran Congress leader, brother of former Chief Minister and current Rajya Sabha MP Digvijay Singh and senior Congress leader Laxman Singh has taken a jibe at his brother and the party. Chachoda MLA Laxman Singh said that Bajrang Dal is not anti-national, so talking about banning it is meaningless. Laxman said that the Congress will get more seats than Karnataka in the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections. Congress will again form the government.

In response to a question about The Kerala Story, Congress MLA Laxman Singh said that the game of conversion is going on in Kerala since 1975. On the presence of Aam Aadmi in Madhya Pradesh, Laxman Singh said that there is no existence of Aam Aadmi Party in the state. These people will not be able to get many votes. On the issue of Jai Adivasi Sangathan (JAYS) contesting elections independently, he said that JAIS will remain with the Congress.

I miss Scindia – Laxman Singh

During a discussion with the media in Indore, Laxman Singh said that after Jyotiraditya Scindia left the Congress, Laxman said that I never called Scindia a traitor, I miss Scindia, he was a good leader. It was a personal decision to leave the party.

The victory of Scindia and his supporters is impossible – Laxman

Laxman Singh said that the victory of Scindia and Scindia supporters in Gwalior, Chambal belt in the assembly elections 2023 is impossible. Although it is very difficult for his people to get tickets this time. Regarding his brother Digvijay Singh, he said that Congress has the face of Digvijay Singh and Kamal Nath in Madhya Pradesh. These people will be the star campaigners. Laxman Singh said that this time the public is angry with the BJP. Congress will get absolute majority. When Deepak Joshi joined Congress, he said that if Deepak Joshi wants, he can contest against Shivraj.

More seats will come from Karnataka

Laxman Singh praised Kamal Nath here, while he said that many BJP people are in contact with me, who want to join Congress. He said that Kamal Nath is the leader of the country’s politics and with his good management, the government will be formed again in the state.

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Report: Deepak Rai

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