Four lives were killed one by one in Ratlam, first sister then brother-in-law jumped into the pond to save the brothers

Four lives were killed one by one in Ratlam, first sister then brother-in-law jumped into the pond to save the brothers

Ratlam: In Madhya Pradesh’s Ratlam district (Ratlam News Update), four people died due to drowning while trying to save a child who had gone to bathe in a pond. The newlyweds are also included in the dead. Expressing grief over the accident, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has announced financial assistance. In fact, a girl named Rupa Katara of Ratlam district got married last month and had come to her village Israthuni to celebrate Holi.

In fact, 12-year-old Laddu and his younger brother Kishore went to the Devda pond while playing Holi at around 11 am on Wednesday. One of them slipped and fell into the pond. When the second went to the pond to save him making noise, he also started drowning in the water. Meanwhile, his sister Roopa, 22, drowned when she entered the pond to save both the brothers. Meanwhile, Rupa’s husband Vinod Katara, 28, jumped into the pond to save the three. He tried hard to save all three, but he also drowned.

On spreading the news, a large number of villagers reached near the pond. After informing the police, efforts were made to rescue the drowned people. SDRF team along with Industrial TI Rajendra Verma force reached the spot. Started a campaign to rescue the drowned four. Roopa was the first to be pulled out after half an hour’s struggle, but by then she had died. Vinod’s body was taken out after some time. There was a lot of trouble in finding the bodies of Lakhan and Kishore. At around 12.30, Lakhan’s dead body was seen at one place and he was also taken out.

According to the police, preliminary information has been received that the children had reached near the pond while playing Holi. Just then a child’s foot slipped and he fell into the pond. In order to save him, others also drowned in the pond.

Chief Minister Chouhan has said that the incident of drowning of four members of a tribal family in Ratlam is very sad. We have decided that in this heart-wrenching accident, we will give a relief amount of four lakhs per deceased to the families of the deceased. In this critical hour of grief, the government is standing with you.

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