Doctor who cured cricketer Sanath Jayasuriya challenges ‘Babas with slips showed miracles, will get Rs 1 crore’

Doctor who cured cricketer Sanath Jayasuriya challenges ‘Babas with slips showed miracles, will get Rs 1 crore’

Chhindwara: Ayurvedacharya Dr. Prakash Indian Tata has challenged the babas who extract slips. Dr. Prakash Tata, who reached Chhindwara, said that those who are claiming to write Mann Ki Baat in the slip are all pompous. He said that I challenge all the Babas of the country who take out slips that I write my point in a slip. All the slip-writers in the country should tell what is written in this slip. If Baba does this, I will give him 1 crore rupees. But if any baba is not able to do this then he will give me only 11 lakh rupees. This video of him is going viral in social media.

He also said that this open challenge is not for any one but for all Parchi Babas spread across the country. That too, why not be of any religion. Citing all these things as ostentation, he told that there is no such achievement. There is no God in the world. All this is a means of earning money through setting. Even if I am made to sit in a rural area, I can also gather a crowd of lakhs of people through ostentation.

I believe in religion
He said that I have full faith in religion, but what these people are doing is just a sham and an easy way to earn money. Actually, Ayurvedacharya Prakash Tata and film actress Poonam Jhavere were addressing the media. He said that no one can know anyone’s mind. You decide for yourself what your children will become when they grow up. Blind faith is being spread in the country through Babas.

Who is Prakash Indian Tata
Dr. Prakash Indian Tata is basically a resident of Chhindwara. He claims that on the basis of Ayurvedic medicine, he has cured many film stars including cricketer Sanath Jayasuriya. At present, Maya is continuously active in the city of Mumbai. He has brought many artists to Chhindwara. Apart from the country, Prakash Indian Tata also goes abroad. He claims that he can heal people by treating them with the rare herbs of Patalkot. At present, for the first time from the Ayurvedic forum, he has targeted the religious forum, for which he has once again come into the headlines.
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