Condemnation motion in MP Assembly against BBC documentary, CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan said a big thing

Condemnation motion in MP Assembly against BBC documentary, CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan said a big thing

Bhopal: In the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly (MP Assembly News), a censure motion has been passed against the BBC in the case of a documentary made on the events of Gujarat. State Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has spoken to reporters in the assembly premises. He has attacked the BBC documentary in the assembly. Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that this documentary is an irresponsible attack on the sovereignty of India. Its aim is to weaken the Constitution of India. The non-official resolution (condemnation motion) was moved by BJP MLA Shailendra Jain.

The Chief Minister said that the foundation of India rests on the principles and values ​​enshrined in our Constitution. It includes sovereignty, democracy, freedom and many other values. India has further enriched these values ​​after independence from British rule. Today, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a glorious, glorious, prosperous and powerful nation has emerged all over the world.

Chouhan further said, India is leading the world on many issues today. In such a situation, some groups or some individuals seem to be distressed by the increased relevance of India at the global level. They have pain and suffering. So to damage the reputation of India and create a stir in the country, that’s what BBC has done. A decision has already been taken on that by India’s investigative institutions and judicial authority. But the BBC has questioned the legitimacy of a free press, the judicial system and a democratically elected government.

Attacking the BBC, the Chief Minister said, BBC itself, voluntarily appointed itself as a judge. He has done the work of presenting himself as a jury. Which also doesn’t match with UK methodology. BBC has grossly ignored the social, political, sensitivity of this matter.
He said that the documentary has put on the mask of investigative journalism. Whereas in reality it is an irresponsible and serious attack on the sovereignty of India. Whose aim is to weaken the Constitution of India. In the resolution presented in the assembly by BJP MLA Shailendra Jain, the BBC documentary was mentioned, in which the events of the year 2002 are mentioned. Jain termed the BBC documentary as objectionable and also referred to the misrepresentation of events.

The resolution also stated that the BBC has shown itself to be an appellate authority and has superseded the judicial discretion of the Supreme Court of India. The BBC documentary is in direct contempt of court as it blatantly ignores the reasoning and capabilities of the court.
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