BJP has faith only on Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Gujarat formula will not be implemented in MP!

BJP has faith only on Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Gujarat formula will not be implemented in MP!

Bhopal: For the next six months in Madhya Pradesh (MP Assembly Election 2023), BJP is emphasizing on strengthening the booth management. The party is running booth expansion campaign. At the same time, the party leadership is satisfied with the face of four-time CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Assembly elections are to be held in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh along with Madhya Pradesh by the end of this year. Party sources said that unlike the party’s strategy of changing chief ministers at some places ahead of other state elections, there were no plans to change the leadership in Madhya Pradesh or project Chouhan as its face. Sources also said that there is a plan to reshuffle the state cabinet for which the approval of the authorities is awaited.

There are different political equations in every state, the formula used in Gujarat may not be applicable in Madhya Pradesh. BJP is ruling here continuously for four terms. A senior BJP functionary said that being in power continuously for four terms, there may be some issues but it will not affect BJP’s vote. He said that the party will enter the state this time with the slogan ‘200 ke paar’. The BJP functionary said that the party is in a better position in MP than in 2018. Now the development and welfare initiatives have reached the grassroots level. There has been a lot of improvement especially in the field of agriculture.

Roads have been constructed at the state cost. Sensing the possible results of anti-incumbency, we have already started reaching the booth. By going to the booth level, we are reaching the voters fast. The party has prepared the draft of the election action plan. Has deployed its workers in 65000 booths, which will be reviewed at various levels to prepare a final action plan to reach out to voters in the state elections.

A party leader said that as part of the booth expansion campaign, voter lists of respective areas are being handed over to each booth committee. It has data for the last four elections. Along with those who did not vote for BJP, the names of those who did not vote will also be there. Along with this, there will also be a list of beneficiaries of government schemes at that booth. Beneficiaries will be talked about how their lives have changed with these schemes.

The party functionary said that this is the biggest micro-level booth management done by the BJP so far. The BJP functionary said that clearly there has been a change in the strategy of the party as compared to 2018. At that time the party had lost the elections as we could win only 107 seats in the 230-seat assembly. At that time the Congress government was formed under the leadership of Kamal Nath. There was a miscalculation about our prospects in 2018, he said. This time we are not complacent and are still looking for ways to improve.
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