After 70 years, Cheetahs run in the jungle of India, tourists will also be able to see ‘Asha’ and ‘Oban’

After 70 years, Cheetahs run in the jungle of India, tourists will also be able to see ‘Asha’ and ‘Oban’

Sheopur: Tourists will now be able to see cheetahs in Kuno National Park. Two cheetahs from Namibia have been released from the enclosure and released into the wild. Oban and Asha are left in the woods. Both will now live in the forest of their own free will. Will be able to hunt as well. For the first time after 70 years, cheetahs will run in the jungles of India. This is the last step in the Cheetah Relocate project. Eight cheetahs were brought from Namibia. Two of these have been released into the wild.

The initial stage was set to release Elton and Freddie, affectionately known as Rockstars. But officials were unable to locate Elton in the large enclosure in November. The task force, constituted by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, had decided to drop Oban and Asha in the first phase because they were having sexual intercourse. The people of Forest Department and Cheetah Research Team were keeping an eye on their activities. Officials said that if any of them is found moving towards an undesirable environment, they will be brought back.

Forest Department officials have said that depending on the condition of Oban and Asha in the new environment, other cheetahs will be released. Along with this, the officials said that they will be kept under observation through radio telemetry. An official said that once all the cheetahs settle down and make their territory, we will reduce the monitoring a bit. In this way, we will keep watching their condition continuously.

At the same time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had named a cheetah as Asha. This is a wild cheetah, captured in July 2022 in a field near the Cheetah Conservation Fund Center in Otjiwarongo, Namibia. It was brought from Namibia along with seven other cheetahs. On September 17, PM Modi released it at Kuno National Park on his birthday. Whereas, Asha was found to be pregnant while being released in Kuno. Later she was told that she had a miscarriage. Now Oban and Asha will gradually adjust to the environment of the Kuno Sanctuary.

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