Yogi Viral Video: Was Yogi doing Dussehra Puja by showing the camera? Understand the full truth of the viral video


  • Yogi’s video is becoming increasingly viral on social media
  • In this video Yogi is doing puja while looking at the camera.
  • Congress and SP leaders took a jibe by sharing the video of Yogi

A video of UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is becoming increasingly viral on social media these days. The video is of this Dussehra in which Yogi is seen doing aarti in Gorakhnath temple facing the camera. Congress and SP leaders have taunted the Chief Minister by sharing this video on Twitter. Congress leader Srinivas has tweeted- ‘This aarti is being taken down the camera.’ At the same time, Rohan Gupta, president of Congress’s social media department, has written – ‘Bhai Saheb God is behind you!’

Samajwadi Party’s digital media coordinator Manish Jagan Agarwal has also made a scathing attack by sharing this video of Yogi on Twitter. He has written – Whose aarti is being performed? Mother’s or camera man’s? And when did the practice of candle aarti started in Hinduism? BJP and BJP leaders who give discourses on religious matters of opposition leaders, they should at least add knowledge on this matter here too!’

Four directions are worshiped in Aarti
Many other users on social media have expressed their displeasure at Yogi for performing such aarti in front of the camera. But, the matter is something else. Actually, it is a tradition in Hinduism that the worshiper also worships the four directions while performing the aarti. The four directions have got the status of God. That’s why the Archak takes the platter of the aarti and wanders around him. In the viral video, CM Yogi Adityanath is following the same tradition at the time of Aarti. Even before this, he has been doing similar aarti during Dussehra worship in Gorakhnath temple.

Know why Yogi turned his back towards Mother Goddess
Many people have written on the video of Yogi on social media that why he is doing aarti with his back towards the Mother Goddess. On the other hand, many users have justified performing aarti in this way. People have shared the video of Ganga Aarti that takes place every evening in Banaras and told that while performing the Archaka Aarti, one turns his back towards the river Ganges because worship has to be done by walking in all four directions.

Yogi performing aarti at Gorakhnath temple


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